My Projects

I think showcasing projects is a good way to assess someone's skills.

However I belive it's also a grat way to understand the soft skills I will bring to the team. 

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AirTag Covers Israel

It all started in May 2021.

I heard about apple's new product that was launched called "AirTag".

I immediately taught that there's going to be a problem because people are going to buy the "AirTag Itself for whatever the price apple would ask,

But purchasing cases is a different story.

I've built an e-commerce store in two weeks and started selling Airtag covers online.

I consider the project a semi- failure because the store reached profitability, but it wasn't at the scale I hoped to achive.


Data Analysis - Adam Teva V'din

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My Fiverr page


Fiverr Freelancer

Somewhere at the end of my military service I've started doing some freelance work on Fiverr.

Building websites and designing presentations for business owners.


Online Financial Management Course

I always had a huge passion for teaching financials.

When I was at my second covid-19 quarantine, I recorded an online course that teaches the basic things about the financial world that every grownup has to know.

The course was bought by a couple of students.

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